United States Trademark or Service mark
The A&A Advantage includes low-cost, fixed-rates for most basic services:


-Name and address of the Applicant
-Residence of Applicant
-Trademark or Servicemark Designation
-Complete list of Goods and Services
-3 prints or copies of the best edition of your design or logo
-2 specimens of use

Our Basic Application Fee includes attorney review of your submissions, preparation of the application forms, creation of the drawing page and electronic filing of specimens and all required materials at the United States Patent & Trademark Office; including the official government filings fees and file copies of correspondence. There are no additional fees for any docketing, file monitoring or routine client updates during the reporting period as we keep our trademark Applicants updated on official correspondence and publication dates via email and/or facsimile. There are no additional fees for mailing the Registration certificate, once received, nor for our special bonus: The A&A Trademark Usage Guide.

The Basic fee does not include any search or clearance services, advisory opinions, nor priorities based on Foreign registrations and filings, complex designations of trademark classifications, design or graphical drafting, nor other service fees, if any are required for responses to official actions, amendments, oppositions, objections and appeals. Any such additional services will be billed at our Hourly Rate plus any nominal expenses.

Therefore, in absence of any complications, the total fees to register a mark in a single International class are $777.00.   To register a mark in 2 classes, (e.g., restaurant services; clothing), total basic application fees are usually $1277.00


DAY 1 -Your properly completed A&A Client Checklist arrives at our Temecula Office;

DAY 1 to DAY 4 - Our attorneys and staff review your materials, confirm your Checklist and instructions and prepare applications forms, drawing page, copies, prints and specimens in conformance with proper International Classifications; We also notify our clients of the filing particulars including copies of the Official Filing Receipt and Serial Number Issuance by the Trademark Office at the time of filing;

Trademark Examiner Office Actions, if any, are issued 5 - 7 months after the filing date;

9 MONTHS to 1 YEAR- Pending trademarks are published in the Official Gazette for Notice and Opposition;

Where there are no complications, it presently takes on average 16 months before the Registration Certificates are issued. Clients are promptly informed of all developments as they occur.


1. The name of the person(s) or entity who will own the Trademark or Servicemark.  

2. Postal, E-mail, and street address, telephone & fax number, of the Applicant as well as information aboout the Applicant's Country, and State of citizenship.

3. The Trademark word(s), name and/or design. (Logos and stylized designs can be sent via E-mail in .jpg format.)

4. List of all Goods (items) that are sold and Services that are performed in connection with the Trademark. It is important that you provide a complete list once filed, Applications cannot be expanded beyond the initial recitation of Goods & Services.

5. Three of the best version you've got. Prints must lay flat & be reproducible. We make every effort to ensure that pending Trademarks are published in the highest digital quality.

6. Two sets of actual product sample specimens - packaging, hang tags, labels, menus, brochures, and/or photographs showing the trademark in use.

7. For a single class application: Six hundred and fifty dollars = US via credit card, check or money order made payable to Anderson & Associates.

Please inform us of the best time and/or manner in which you can be contacted.  Deliver completed Checklist to:

Anderson & Associates
31285 Temecula Parkway, Suite 240
Temecula, California 92592 U.S.A.


To ensure the most effective brand and design protection, we file Copyright applications on behalf of the Companies that keep them, as well as for Artists, Authors, Musicians, Publishers, Software Developers and Web Page Designers.

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Our attorneys regularly prepare applications for trademark or service mark which are filed with the Secretary of State of California and far beyond.

The CALIFORNIA GOLD STATE TM SERVICE includes attorney form preparation, copies, prints, postage, and Official government filing fees for only $300!

Filing in additional classes costs only $150, per class.

STATE TRADEMARKS CAN BE MORE QUICKLY REGISTERED and are highly recommended for brands doing business in California.

Our attorneys regularly form California corporations and perform California corporate name reservation services, register fictitious names (dbas), and perform other local services as related to name protection. www.namesavers.net

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